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What is a QR code?

Quick Response codes (QR codes) are two-dimensional barcodes. Unlike a traditional barcode that can only store and display alphanumeric characters, QR codes can store so much more!

QR codes can store up to 7000 characters and also store complex data such as URLs. They can redirect you to almost anything that can be found on the internet (including quote landing pages). 

By scanning these codes with smartphones, scanners will be redirected to the QR code's content. It could be a website, social media profiles, quote landing pages, or files such as pdfs, videos, and photos. 

Where can I use it?

  • Business Cards 

  • Benches

  • Billboards 

  • Stickers

  • Flyers

  • Direct Mail

  • Email Signatures

  • In-office Signage 

  • Anywhere!

QR code interaction has grown by 94% in 2020, and is still rising steadily. 

11 million households in the US have scanned a QR code in 2020.

QR codes are getting more and more popular, don't get left behind!

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Where would I send scanners?

  • Your Website

  • Quote Landing Page

  • Social Media Profiles

  • PDFs, Photos, Videos

  • Landing Pages

  • Directions to Your Office

  • Contact Us Page

  • Review Pages like FB, Google, and Yelp

  • Contactless Menu 

  • QR Code Payments

  • Calls a Number

  • Downloads Your App

  • Automatically Connect to Wifi

  • Adds your contact information into their contact list on their phone

  • Anywhere on the internet!

Why do we suggest Dynamic QR codes instead of Static QR codes?

The location of static QR codes can never be changed once the code is created. If the URL of the static code is disabled or changed, then the QR code becomes obsolete. There are also no options to track any of the people who use these static codes. 

Dynamic codes have a destination that can be changed based on the needs of your business. If you want the QR code to take you to a quote landing page this month and your social media the next month, we can do that! With QR codes, you can also get the analytics of who scanned the codes, where was it scanned, and how many times it was scanned. These statistics help your business know important marketing information. 

Static Vs. Dynamic QR Codes

Customizable Appearance 
(colors, shapes, logo)

Editable Destination
(Can change as your
business needs change)

Trackable Information
(locations of scanners) 

Weekly/Monthly Analytics
(scans, times, demographics)


STATIC               DYNAMIC

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