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75 million people visit Facebook's video platform and watch for an average of 20 minutes.

In 2020, 15% of all content on Facebook was video content

In 2021, the head of Instagram announced it is no longer a photo sharing app, but instead it is now a video sharing platform

Did you know that adding a variety of media types can help you stand out among other agents? We offer custom videos to help!

For as low as $25 a month, you can receive a custom-made video each month to showcase the fun and unique qualities of your agency.  

Best thing is, you don't have to worry about copyright music! All of our videos use copyright free music that won't get your agency in trouble! 

Check out some examples of our work below:

Custom Videos Example - Architecture
Custom Videos Example - Get the Ball Rolling
Custom Videos Example - Pizza Day
Custom Videos Example - Space
Custom Videos Example - Halloween
Video Ad Example - RocketPro
Custom Videos Example - Floor Flipping Slideshow
Custom Videos Example - Assembly Line
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